Medical Marijuana Doctors Ocala

Medical Marijuana Doctors Ocala

You can get help from the best medical marijuana doctors Ocala FL has to offer at our nearby MMJ clinic. Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida helps local residents with cannabis evaluations, legal recommendations, and FL medical card registration. Our certified medical marijuana doctors understand the benefits of using marijuana for its medicinal properties. We are trained in helping patients understand the best dosage for relief. And we want to help all Florida residents interested in how they can benefit from the compassionate use of medical marijuana.

Florida residents voted to pass Amendment 2 during this past election cycle. The state of Florida is now part of the legal medical marijuana group (which makes up ⅗ of the country) leading the Green Health Revolution. That means that medical marijuana in Florida is no longer restricted only to low-THC products (CBD / CBN). Medical marijuana clinics in Lee County are becoming more and more common. But not all physicians are certified to make legal marijuana recommendations to be filled at local dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana Doctors Ocala | How it Works

The steps for getting medical marijuana in Florida are fairly simple. What we decided to do at Woodstock is make the registration process as easy as possible. But that doesn’t stop our patients from asking us certain questions frequently. So we decided to lay out a fairly easy guideline that details exactly how it works. Let’s take a look at how it works below:

  1. Diagnosing your condition: Having a history of a qualifying condition is the first step for obtaining legal medical marijuana. These conditions vary from chronic pain to terminal illnesses, minor afflictions, and more. Read more about approved qualifying conditions for Ocala FL medical marijuana.
  2. Informed Consent: Only certified medical marijuana doctors can provide you with all of the details surrounding medical marijuana in Florida. Be careful! There are a lot of scammers out there that only take your money without giving you all the information you need! At Woodstock, if you don’t qualify then you owe us nothing!
  3. Cannabis Orders: Your cannabis physician will then enter in a specific cannabis order for you personally. This order goes into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. All orders must be updated within 7 days of any changes.
  4. Applying for Marijuana ID Card: In order to obtain your cannabis order from a dispensary, you need a valid FL marijuana ID card. Only certified MMJ doctors can help you to register. Many clinics take your money the moment you arrive, but WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU IF YOU DO NOT QUALIFY!
  5. Filling Orders: Once you have been approved and the state sends you your FL marijuana ID card, you can fill your order. Simply go to an in-state dispensary and your cannabis order will be accessible. If you are unsure where your closest dispensary is, we will recommend our favorite!

Medical Marijuana Doctors Ocala | Locations

Woodstock has locations throughout the state. We have clinics in Orlando, Jupiter, Ormond Beach, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Okeechobee, and The Villages, FL. Please Contact Us to schedule an appointment. And follow us on Facebook to learn more about our Q&A sessions with our medical marijuana expert!

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Medical Marijuana Doctors Ocala

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