Medical Marijuana Cards Florida

How do medical marijuana clinics in Florida work?

Medical marijuana clinics are pretty simple, but there are still a certain number of things you need to know.

In order to obtain a Florida medical marijuana card, and consequently be able to access medical marijuana, you must be Florida resident and be examined and be diagnosed with a qualifying condition by a licensed physician registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. After receiving your written, voluntary, and informed consent, your MMJ doctor will register you as a patient with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, after which he/she will also assist you in applying for your Florida Medical Marijuana Card.

Once your application has been approved, you will then be able to visit any MMTC (medical marijuana treatment center) to pick up your recommendation, or even scheduled for it to be delivered to you.

Florida state law requires that you visit with your medical marijuana doctor twice a year, so be sure to schedule a follow-up appointment once your recommendation has been approved.

The important thing to know and remember is that medical marijuana doctors are licensed physicians, they have simply opted to be able to recommend cannabis to patients that they they feel could benefit from a wonderful, natural healing power of the plant.

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