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Medical Marijuana Use in Older Adults

A recent scientific study published in the Journal of American Geriatric Society (2018) showed that empirical use of medical marijuana is safe for a variety of conditions in older adults including people residing in Assisted Living Programs and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Decisions about when to suggest medical marijuana and how to prioritize it relative to other therapeutic options such as opioids, sleep medications, should be shared with the patient and should be guided by patient–specific factors and preferences.

While further studies will be needed to elucidate marijuanas acute and chronic effects specifically in older adults medicinal marijuana has so far proven safe and effective For now, as more states continue to legalize its use, geriatricians should monitor its use closely and use caution when recommending it to older adults.

There are currently approximately one-hundred active patients, over Age 85, in our practice. We follow those individuals very closely and gradually build up to therapeutic levels. The results are terrific – In fact, starting in March, Woodstock Medicinal will be commencing our outreach program to those residing in eldercare facilities

Orlando Medical Marijuana Doctor

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