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Palm Beach Gardens Marijuana Doctor

When searching for a Palm Beach Gardens marijuana doctor it is very important to be wary of scams and possible frauds. Unfortunately, with the passage of Florida laws allowing for the compassionate use of medical marijuana, there has been a rise in people claiming to be legitimate “pot doctors” scamming sick people in Florida purely for profit.

If you or a loved one require medical marijuana to treat a qualifying condition then it is very important to remain on alert when searching for the right marijuana doctor in Palm Beach Gardens. Below are a number of considerations that will help you determine if you are dealing with a professional and legitimate cannabis doctor or a fraud.

Do They Have A Physical Office Location?

A common tactic of fraudulent pot doctors in Florida is renting out a space for a few hours to make it appear as if they have an established physical location. While using the rented space, the fake doctor will collect money from patients before quickly disappearing into obscurity.

A legitimate marijuana doctor in Palm Beach Gardens will have an established clinic with a verifiable address listed online and easy to find. If you are unable to quickly find an address that you can verify in person than that is a clear indicator that you may be dealing with a scammer.

Are They Providing False Promises?

Whenever looking for a legitimate marijuana doctor it is important to have an understanding of medical marijuana laws in the state of Florida. One critically important aspect of state law concerning medical marijuana is that flower cannabis or “bud” is still not legal anywhere in the state of Florida under any conditions.

Recently, a judge’s ruling stating this was unconstitutional was overturned in appeals court. Whenever it does occur it will take a considerable amount of time before legislation is passed and enacted statewide.

A common tactic of fraudulent cannabis doctors is to offer online evaluations or cannabis recommendations. This practice is absolutely illegal and Florida cannabis laws state a patient must visit a Palm Beach Gardens marijuana doctor in-person in order to comply with the law.

A legitimate cannabis doctor will always comply with state law and anyone who claims otherwise is almost certainly a scammer or participating in illegal activities.

Are They Charging More Than Initially Stated?

Another common tactic scam cannabis doctors will use is to give low-cost quotes to patients and then suddenly raise the price once the patient visits the clinic. If you encounter a pot doctor that claims one price but then raises the cost for a marijuana card or evaluation when you actually show up for the appointment then leave immediately!

A true marijuana doctor in Palm Beach Gardens will act professionally and will always be honest when it comes to the prices of their services and the cost of a genuine marijuana card in Florida. It is of the utmost importance to consider the conduct of the marijuana doctor in their dealings when choosing one that is legitimate and not a scammer.

If you would like to book an appointment with a compassionate marijuana doctor near Palm Beach Gardens, contact Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida today!

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Palm Beach Gardens Marijuana Doctor

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