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How To Know Your Orlando Cannabis Doctor Is Real

Not every Orlando cannabis doctor that is qualified in MMJ has the best intentions in mind. Sadly, there has been a recent spike in “pot doctors” in Florida scamming sick people just to make money.

If you are someone legitimately in need of this revolutionary medicine, remain vigilant and don’t lose hope. Listed below, you’ll find some common warning signs to look out for.

Follow these tips to know you are, in fact, dealing with a competent, professional Orlando cannabis doctor.

How To Know Your Orlando Cannabis Doctor Is Real

Make Sure They Have An Actual Office

One of the most common attributes of fake pot doctors in Florida is they lack an actual office. Many will even rent out spaces for a few hours to pretend their practice is real, but quickly disappear after taking money for all the patients they scammed.

Be wary of any cannabis clinics that don’t have a real address listed online so you can verify in person!

If They Charge More Than They Said It Would Be, Leave!

Another common scam reported by medical marijuana patients is being given a low-cost quote, then suddenly having it raised once they visit. If a pot doctor says they charge one price but then raises the cost of getting a marijuana card once you actually show up for the appointment LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!

A real Orlando cannabis doctor will act as a medical professional and have a practice that conducts itself accordingly.

Don’t Fall For False Promises & Illegal Actions

It’s important to know some things about medical marijuana laws in Florida. For one, flower cannabis (bud) is still not legal anywhere in the state, under any conditions. The recent ruling by a judge stating this was unconstitutional was actually overturned in appeals court. Even when it does happen, it will take a considerable amount of time before legislation is passed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is illegal to perform online evaluations or cannabis recommendations. You must visit with an Orlando cannabis doctor for an in-person. Any pot doctor that promises you differently is either scamming you or breaking the law.

Read Their Reviews Before Your Visit

Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana in Orlando to help treat a condition or simply curious about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, the first step is to find an Orlando cannabis doctor to help. In Florida, visiting with qualified MMJ doctors certified to give cannabis recommendations is the only way to get medical cannabis products legally.

Chances are, any Orlando cannabis doctor you find that is real will have a website, a Facebook page, and plenty of online reviews. Check for these things before your visit and only make an appointment for an evaluation once you feel comfortable.

If you’d like to learn more, speak with an Orlando cannabis doctor for free at one of our upcoming medical marijuana seminars.

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