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With the passage of new laws in Florida, more patients are trying to get a medical marijuana card Orlando to improve their quality of life with an alternative and holistic approach to medicine. Cannabis has a multitude of benefits as alternative medicine and more and more people are beginning to discover these powerful benefits.

Before anyone can begin to change their health with medical marijuana in Florida they must first find a legitimate place to register for and acquire their medical marijuana card. There are a number of options for this but patients should keep in mind that they should choose a professional, experienced, and compassionate marijuana doctor.

The right medical marijuana doctor can provide you with the proper resources to apply for a Florida marijuana ID card. Fortunately, for patients trying to get a medical marijuana card in Orlando, they can depend on Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida and the esteemed Dr. Andy to help.

Dr. Andrew Fox, or Dr. Andy to those who know him, is a native Floridian with a passion to improve the lives of his fellow Floridians through a scientific approach to medical marijuana. His passion directly stems from his own personal story and experience using medicinal marijuana to improve his health.

For many years, Dr. Andy suffered from chronic health conditions that left him searching for a revolutionary way to improve his health. With this in mind, he began researching and studying how medicinal marijuana could help relieve chronic health conditions and found that it did far more than traditional medicine ever could.

Medical marijuana changed Dr. Andy’s life for the better and got him back on his feet when nothing else could. This experience led him to become a marijuana physician to share his experience with this remarkable holistic medicine and help improve the lives of those around him.

Woodstock Medicinal Doctors of Florida was founded to achieve this goal of helping patients get medical marijuana card Orlando and use medical marijuana to treat a wide range of ailments. Dr. Andy is a third generation physician and is a board-certified vascular surgeon and entrepreneur who received his medical training at Yale School of Medicine and his business degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloane School of Business.

Dr. Andy has been the recipient of a plethora of national medical awards, saved thousands of lives in the operating theater, and has been a speaker at the principal medical forum. He believes his greatest contribution, however, is the work he’s done in the field of medical marijuana and how it has helped to change the lives of countless patients.

If you are interested in learning more about acquiring a Florida marijuana card feel free to contact us at 888-269-3559 to book an appointment today. Our compassionate staff is dedicated to serving you in the most honest and caring way we can.

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Get Medical Marijuana Card Orlando

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