Benefits of Marijuana Use
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Established Medical Benefits of Marijuana Use

The debate between whether marijuana has benefited mankind or causes perpetual problems has been ongoing for centuries. There is, however, historical evidence of cannabis use dating back thousands of years. The medicinal benefits of marijuana use are now coming to light more and more. Doctors and patients alike hail it as a miracle herb and the entire medical community is beginning to recognize it’s life-changing abilities. Forget everything you think you know about cannabis and consider the following facts.

It can slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Anyone who has personal experience with the horrors of Alzheimer’s understands exactly how destructive the disease can be. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, has been proven to slow the overall progression of the disease.

The way THC does this is by preventing enzymes in the brain from forming amyloid plaques. This is a tumor that destroys brain cells and is the primary cause of the damaging effects that are attributed to Alzheimer’s disease.

Marijuana does not cause people to become overweight.

Though most people believe marijuana causes overeating and laziness, the truth is that marijuana users are slimmer and healthier. A recent study revealed that people who claimed to regularly use cannabis were over ⅓ less likely to be overweight. Though there is no doubt various factors to consider (exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, genetics), this wasn’t the only finding that reached a similar conclusion.

In a prominent medical journal, an American publication also showed lower levels of insulin to were seen in people who used cannabis. This is a very significant discovery when you consider the obesity problem, particularly among residents in the United States.

Low doses can improve lung function.

Marijuana smoke seems to have less damaging effects than tobacco smoke since it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Consistent findings prove moderate marijuana use has little, if any, damaging effects on lung function.

It actually seems to improve functionality in certain people when taken in small doses. What’s more, it can even help to relieve painful symptoms caused by asthma!

Still not convinced? Cannabis also helps with:

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Benefits of Marijuana Use

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